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Meet Founder and CEO JD

Jared led a Fortune 500 IT consulting group and started his own firm.

He can also take your communication skills to the next level.

Founder, CEO, triathlete, matcha enthusiast — blazing new trails is just his cup of tea. Jared is a communications coach and leads many career development workshops. With more than a decade of experience in leading successful sales and operations teams within the technology industry, his passion lies in empowering others to communicate effectively.

For the first time, we are offering our corporate small group coaching program to the public. Learn to turn your own obstacles into professional opportunities. This is a unique opportunity to work directly with our CEO and Founder to get extensive real-time coaching and support for this critical business skill:



What led to his own success? Surprisingly enough, it started with a setback: “I was running a Fortune 500 IT consulting group and things were pretty positive from the outside. In reality, though, I was overwhelmed, missing out on any personal life and fulfillment in my work. “I wanted to be in a relationship, get more sleep, work less, exercise more, and find another organization whom I was more aligned with. None of that was happening — I was saying one thing and doing the other.” Over the next few months, Jared began to suffer from debilitating panic attacks. “It was a really scary time of uncertainty and embarrassment. Financially, it was a lot of risk — a lot of discomfort. It wasn’t the way I wanted to leave the company, but this time allowed me the space to dig deep and recalibrate. I was able to start my own firm, a small team based in Oakland… I’m doing work I truly love.”

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