“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

― James Baldwin

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In response to COVID-19, all of our programs will be temporarily conducted online.

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Group Meeting
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The following topics will be covered, discussed, and dissected together in a group facilitation to draw out best practices and habits:

  • CULTURAL AWARENESS AND BIAS -- awareness and understanding of your own personal biases and blind spots is an imperative first start. We need a shared language of Bias and practices to mitigate their impact. 

  • CURIOSITY AND QUESTIONS -- Stopping to ask questions and becoming genuinely curious is a skill and a habit that has been lost in a world of constant fast-paced action and technology. We need to slow down to make better decisions. 

  • INCLUSIVE CONVERSATIONS -- Planning, preparing, and managing difficult, sensitive, and vulnerable conversations is challenging and unique almost every time. We need planning and prepping tools that make these conversations easier and mutually beneficial for everyone.

  • CALLING IN VS. CALLING OUT -- Biases, assumptions, accusations, and mistakes will be made. How will we call it out or when possible call it in and create more connection and understanding with each other?

  • SETTING THE TABLE — Everyone needs to eat. But we all don’t want to eat the same things in the same way.  Humans have ‘Basic Needs’ like connection, security, and growth. But we get those needs met in different ways.  How can I understand the individual needs of my team and set the table so that everyone eats?

  • RULES OF ENGAGEMENT — Every organization has cultural rules and norms. But each manager also creates a subculture with their team. Managers and their teams need to create that subculture consciously and intentionally.

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