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Whether you are at a weekly meeting or the biggest sales presentation of your life, engaging communication is the key to getting what you want in business.

Here are our trainings that ENGAGE:

Differentiate yourself and achieve more consistent results in your formal and informal presentations.



Virtual Team Meeting


All employees that work on small or large projects, team members, leaders, and managers.  This program is designed for any business person who wants to differentiate themselves and achieve more consistent results in their formal and informal presentations.

THE PROBLEM -- Nervousness, lack of executive presence and confidence, not setting context well, too much information, not knowing enough about listeners, ineffective visual support, and overcoming derailing comments or dilution of focus.

THE SOLUTION  -- This personalized communications coaching program covers the major aspects of effective business communications and effective presenting including content, listener adaptability, interaction management, and behavioral skills.


THE GOAL -- Inspire confidence, deliver ideas clearly and memorably, engage listeners, and handle questions seamlessly.

We are offering the Presentation Skills & Web Communications program in different formats:

  • Corporate Team Coaching

  • 1:1 Presentation Coaching

  • 5-Week Small Group Coaching

  • 2-Hour Public Workshop


Schedule a call with Founder and CEO Jared Dickinson to explore how we can best serve you or if you have any questions!


Mario De Lecce,
Group Head 
U.S. Technology Banking

"JD Communication Strategies training is hands down the best public speaking course I have ever taken... and I've tried them all. Whether you come from a corporate background or a small to medium sized business, people of all ranks and titles will benefit from this course. Jared and his team succinctly and effectively breaks down the science and art of handling our biggest fear - speaking to groups of people. I highly recommend his proven method for both the novice and most advanced public speaking individuals."

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Alex Macmillan, 
Developer and Planet Saver

“I've known Jared for more than five years, and was not surprised to see his professionalism in action. He was thoroughly prepared, engaging and knowledgeable and got everyone comfortably on their feet within minutes, with everyone's buy-in. The small group comprised both seasoned presenters and newbies. The environment was fun and supportive, with practical, timely and relevant feedback, along with useful collateral that included individual videos from each section of the workshop."

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