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The Benefits of Small Group Coaching

Receiving coaching is a necessary part of affecting real change in ourselves and critical to becoming a better leader. One of my mentors, Peter Rosselli of Invisible Elephant says, “The question for most leaders is not whether it would be valuable to develop and hone these skills, but when.”

Small group coaching is an opportunity to shine a light onto areas in our communication and get feedback on what truly is and isn’t important. Anyone can give you feedback, but having a professional that gives you feedback AND coaches you IN the moment is distinctly different. One of the main roles of the coach is to quickly pinpoint an area where a small tweak can have a drastic impact on accelerating outcomes. Areas that contribute to balancing and awakening natural talents, drive influence and build confidence. Being in a small group also allows for each individual to get the advantage of receiving group feedback. There can be a lot of value in watching and learning from each other’s experiences.

No one group coaching session is alike and different scenarios, practices, and discussions are molded to what shows up in the room. After coaching hundreds of people virtually in this modality, we have a lot of data and feedback about what works and what doesn’t. From start, middle, to finish we establish a container and provide the tools necessary to create real change. Each individual leaves with a plan of action to carry the learnings forward.

Lastly, small group coaching costs less than 1:1 coaching. We really love what we do and feel very privileged to offer this work to others. If your livelihood has been negatively impacted, or you’re undergoing hardship, or if you live in a country where the local currency is very low against the dollar, please email, and we can discuss a potential discounted rate.

Here is what some of our past participant’s said:

  • “It really felt like an intimate group that had the same goals in mind and wanted to support me.” – Claudia

  • The consistency of the weekly sessions helped me with staying accountable.” - Chris

  • “I realized a lot of my fears of public speaking were very similar to others. It also was an opportunity to share best practices among peers.” Andrew

  • “I learned a ton by watching Jared and team coach others.” Adonis

  • “I really felt like I got the personalized attention I was wanting with the benefit of meeting new people from different business areas and parts of the world.” Jeanne

  • “I was able to bring in real-life issues and an event project I was working on. I got exceptional feedback on both.” Maylena

  • “The two-hour sessions once a week worked really well. It was manageable and I felt really clear on how to practice and integrate the sessions into my weekly business communications.” Benji

  • “I felt like I was able to really level up my skills and that will serve me both in my work and in my personal life!” Amy

We have hundreds of more stories around takeaways from our participants. What is going to be yours?

Unsure what program fits best?

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