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How Purpose Engages Teams & Elevates Companies

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

"Good enough.”

Those two words are the death of excellence. The best companies can’t stay ahead of the competition if they’re satisfied with “good enough.” That’s why top consulting firms, non-profit organizations, financial service firms, and many others approach JD Communication Strategies (JDCS). To gain an edge, these companies need to take a team’s performance from good to great.

Jared Dickinson and his team of consultants at JDCS help individuals learn how to interact at their personal and professional best so they can achieve their own goals and their organizations’ higher-level objectives. To help companies elevate their teams, JDCS facilitates workshops with senior executives on a myriad of topics including the formation of their shared purpose.

Why people need purpose

A purpose elevates a team beyond the mundane, helps them connect to their aspirations, and gives the team and organization a deeper sense of meaning in their work. That, in turn, engages the team on a deeper, emotional level. Individuals exceed expectations and the team collectively moves faster towards their goal.