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Celebrating 5 Years!

October 2020 marks our fifth year of operation, and I wanted to share some reflections and gratitude. In these 5 years, we have supported hundreds of clients through programs such as Art of Productive Conflict, Mastering Presentations, Inclusive Communication, Communication Styles, and numerous other customized programs. We are also humbled and honored to have created great partnerships with some of the brightest minds in management, leadership, inclusion, and communications. Thank you to all my clients, partners, and participants that we have had the pleasure of serving all across the world in-person and virtually. One of the greatest gifts is the relationships we have with you and all that we have learned from you.   I am doing work that I truly love and get excited about, and that has become part of who I am. I would be remiss to not give a huge thank you to Peter Rosselli whose introduction to this work, inspiration, and mentorship has been invaluable. As a leader, I’ve had many challenges these past five years in sustaining a business through times of uncertainty, living our values, and recognizing blindspots. I could not have done it without a team of support. To name a few: Uli Billington, Richard Nunez, Jessica Loman, Tiffany Groode, Marina Washburn, Jordan Omar, Mary Cravets, Alex Scott, Teri Reuter, Basil Barouki, Ed Solomon, Sherri Howard Pittman, Jesse Martinez, Tim Payne, Cait Gordon, Wendy Ryan, Oscar Gomez, Carson Johns. Deep gratitude. There are so many more people to give thanks to, I appreciate each of you. I am excited and hopeful for our years ahead. I also recognize that as a white, CIS gendered male, I have had many privileges along the way that others don’t. I will continue to speak out against the harmful dynamics at play in the systems around us because I believe when we do this, we are collectively more effective and whole.  I will continue to invest in working on myself and our organization, to more understanding and asking better questions, and to advocate and support our clients. Your support and feedback keep us motivated to continue to equip leaders with communication tools, knowledge, and experiences to help them be more confident, clear, concise, inclusive, and impactful. 

With gratitude,

Jared Dickinson

Founder & CEO

JD Communication Strategies

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