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2021 Intentions Filled With Value, Purpose & C3

We are rounding the bases of 2020 and what a year it has been. On a personal note, I got married, my wife is expecting in Jan 2021, and we relocated down to Monterey for the year. I miss seeing my community and working with my clients face to face, and I’ve struggled to adapt. Also, I am grateful for the creativity, ability to reach more people across the globe, flexibility, and tools that technology has provided us during this time. Effective and inclusive communication remains vital in the virtual world, and in some cases, it is more important than ever.

I am reflecting on three key messages as I head into the new year: Value, Purpose, & C3 . I’ll start with Value. Bringing value to YOU (our clients, partnerships, staff, colleagues, and communities) continue to drive what we do. This year has been a humbling opportunity to further develop our online content and delivery to be as relevant and engaging as possible. I have developed deeper and new partnerships that I believe will bring more diversity of ideas, thinking, inclusivity, challenge, and ultimately better equip us to support you and your organizations. Our Purpose is to equip you as leaders with the communication tools you need to be authentic, clear, relevant, concise, persuasive, inclusive, and engaging. To meet you where you are and support you in creating change, impact, and influence for your continued success. You come to us to ask good questions, to be a true partner, and to develop skills. Skills in web communications and presentations, engaging in more productive conflict, building high performing teams, more inclusive communicators, and so much more. Organizations can play a significant part in creating cultures of skilled communicators that lead to results, empower their people, while also carrying these skills forward into their everyday life. Practicing C3 I acknowledge that these times like many before have had a disproportionately negative effect on marginalized groups. It's important that we talk about this in a way that invites new perspectives and discussions on how we can do better. This is an opportunity to practice holding qualities in our communication of C3 : Compassion, Curiosity, and Commitment to change. We have an amazing group of people that support JDCS and are so grateful to all of you for helping us adapt and transform this year. It makes me hopeful for a better 2021. I would love to see you up close and on video so schedule a meeting with me. I would love to know, what are your priorities and in what way can I support YOU in the next year? Also, come check out a number of Public Workshops that are being offered through our partners at the General Assembly. It's a great way to get a sneak peek into my work and the different courses we offer, and I’d love to have you as our guest. Wishing you a safe, pleasant, and hopeful end of the year.

All the best, Jared Dickinson CEO | JD Communication Strategies

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