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What makes us unique is our Coaching, our Materials and Program, and our Consultative Partnership.


JDCS was created to bring a new energy and perspective into the business and communication world. Following a thorough evaluation process and with a perspective of of over a decade of successful leadership experience, JDCS chose to partner with several subject matter experts and influential leaders to help serve the key needs of our clients. Our strategy is unique and the trainings use the latest technology behaviors and trends.  We draw upon many practices such as the Strength Deployment Inventory and Myers Briggs. We use tools such as storytelling, humor, and mindfulness in bringing a reflective insight into how we can be more effective within our communication.  We do this through discussions, interactive games and exercises.


The difference between coaching and feedback is that feedback is simply a reflection of what is occurring. Coaching carries it to the next step taking that feedback and putting it into action immediately.  Most programs concentrate on feedback alone while the major focus of our trainings is to have you, the participant, on your feet practicing and, “trying it on”.  We utilize multiple feedback varieties.  In addition, we partner to identify uniquely defined goals that you put into practice on the spot, with guidance and support toward a successful experience. These then give you something to use as a reference which leads to a fundamental change in the way you communicate and take action.


Our focus, and orientation is on long term success. Our company’s past success in managing and leading teams in corporate consulting, provides an important foundation which enables us to understand core business objectives, navigate difficult conversations, and develop a roadmap for employees or executives to achieve long term success.  We are not order takers and we take pride in understanding our client’s business objectives and together strategically develop a training strategy that works for you.  We have a dedicated team of consulting and coaching professionals who lead programs in a variety of leadership development and organizational performance trainings.  Our current clients include Salesforce, Apple, Eden Housing, Clout Ventures, Kaiser, Charles Schwab and HSBC.

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