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“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”
—James Humes





Course Description
This course is designed to help you with being clear, confident, concise, relevant and impactful as a presenter. We will do this by engaging in fun interactive exercises and explore how you are communicating and how that is enhancing or taking away from your effectiveness. The “Mastering Presentations” program is designed for any business person who wants to differentiate themselves and achieve more consistent results in their formal and informal presentations.


Program Details

Length of Training Program: Full Day
Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Location: San Francisco, CA
Date: 7/24/19

Tuition: $425

Develop Key Skills:

  • Effective Behaviors

  • Compelling and Memorable Content

  • Listener Adaptability

  • PowerPoint and Visual Support Strategy

  • Interaction & Conflict Management

  • Delivery in Varied Formats


Benefits of the program:

  • Improve communication with management & business partners

  • More engaged employees

  • Develop skills to help with negotiation and persuasion

  • Communicate information vs. data

  • Manage challenging interactions effectively

  • Review and rehearse real content

  • Help with design, review, and rehearsal of material

  • Ongoing practice and development

  • Practice extemporaneously in think on your feet situations


Create Lasting Behavior Change:

  • Highly interactive learning modules w/ real time coaching

  • 6 Major Learning Exercises (4 Videotaped, 3 interactively coached)

  • Immediate viewing of each videotaped practice session

  • Practice in varied, relevant, real-life scenarios

  • Coaching sheets, job aids, and course book

  • Personal SD card with practice, feedback, and coaching comments included

  • Follow-up plan to reinforce and habituate learnings

  • 10 participant limit to maximize individual attention and deepen learning

  • A fun, valuable, and broadly applicable skills based program


“Jared’s ability to ask the right questions and quickly gain perspective are excellent. This, coupled with his strong knowledge and experience in executive communication and presentations enabled us to effectively collaborate and design a tailored solution for the team. On top of that, he’s extremely considerate and fun to work with. The learning experience we delivered involved a blend of instruction, peer discussion, practice, and one-on-one coaching.”

          —Demitra Brandt, Senior Program Manager, IT Employee Training, Development, and Experiences at  Salesforce 


“Jared is a remarkably talented presenter, executive coach and strategy consultant. I attended his day-long Mastering Presentations class and was extremely impressed with his command of the material, the effective feedback he provided participants and his ability to make the entire day engaging. I would HIGHLY recommend JDCS for your communication needs.”

          —Alex Scott, Vice President of Investor Services at Charles Schwab

“JDCS’ training is hands down the best public speaking course I have ever taken… and I’ve tried them all. Whether you come from a corporate background or a small to medium sized business, people of all ranks and titles will benefit from this course. JDCS succinctly and effectively breaks down the science and art of handling our biggest fear – speaking to groups of people. I highly recommend his proven method for both the novice and most advanced public speaking individuals.”

           —Mario De Lecce, Group Head of US Technology Banking at Bank Leumi USA

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