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Having the communication skills

to RESOLVE conflict transforms battlegrounds into fertile ground

for your business growth.


Learn more about our trainings that RESOLVE:



This training is critical for any business person who works cross-functionally, is involved in meetings with varying seniority or technical levels in an organization, interacts with teams dealing with difficult or challenging issues, or wants to enhance their ability to engage in almost any form of interaction skillfully.

THE PROBLEM -- Inability to engage in difficult communication, maintain a positive mental/emotional state, cultivate balance and respect, defuse hostility and create safety, and motivate positive forward-moving action.

THE SOLUTION  -- 5 critical communication areas covered:

1) the structure of your communication, 2) your physical behaviors, 3) how you listen, 4) what you say, 5) how you demonstrate understanding and empathy.


THE GOAL -- For any community to function effectively: they must work out how to reach agreements, handle conflict, hear one another, be clear and efficient in their exchanges, and generally be responsive to others in their spheres of influence.



Individuals and teams that are working on complex tasks and systems and are looking to get better focus on what is truly important. 

THE PROBLEM -- In the warp speed of today’s world we are easily distracted by the unimportant and urgent tasks while having too many tools that don’t work.  We are unplanned, unorganized, lack ability to change plans and priorities throughout the day, get lost in email, set unreasonable expectations, and don’t stick to our personal action plan commitments.

THE SOLUTION  -- 5 critical areas covered: 1) Adopting time management skills of effective leaders, 2) Time Management Terminology,  3) Elements of a Project Plan, 4) Tips for Managing the Project Schedule, 5) Using Time & Project Management frameworks.


THE GOAL -- Adopt an effective attitude and approach to time management, focus on most important tasks first, monitor where time is going and make changes as needed, understand the psychology of time, set and meet deadlines, juggle multiple and conflicting priorities, and create a strategy that brings an ease and confidence into the day and an action plan to execute.  



All employees that work on small or large projects, team members, leaders, and managers.

THE PROBLEM -- Missed deadlines, budget overruns, adding just one little thing, too many distractions, lack of a clear project scope, spec creep, constant change in motion, priority shifting, the "waiting game," managing without line authority and lack of accountability and ownership.

THE SOLUTION  -- This course provides participants a common methodology, terminology and tools that produce more efficient results and increase buy-in through improved visibility, reliability and consistency.


THE GOAL -- To use real data - not just opinions - in your interactions with project sponsors and customers, to negotiate and set expectations for achievable results.



Individual contributors

THE PROBLEM -- Anything that causes change in life causes stress. It doesn't matter if it is a "positive" change, or a "negative" change, both are stressful. Organizational change is a reality, whether individuals embrace it or not. Today "business as usual" IS change. 

THE SOLUTION  -- To have a clear understanding of the emotional effects of change along with a process outlining practical tips for anticipating and managing organizational change at a personal level.

THE GOAL -- Increase understanding around the difference between change and transition and how change typically affects people.  Also better awareness of how past and present thoughts and emotions influence how we respond to change, how we experience transitions, and actions we can take to help manage our own transitions.

Tony Tilleskjori, 
 Executive Recruiter
The DeWinter Group

"I attended a communication training given by JDCS in early June 2016, and had an excellent experience. The team is extremely professional and within 15 minutes, they had us up and out of our seats, getting us out of our comfort zones, and practicing our skills. After each practice, we would get immediate feedback and watch ourselves on video. For anyone looking to improve their interpersonal communication skills and improve their presentation skills, I would highly recommend to consider JDCS."

Joanna Carman, 
Project Developer
Eden Housing, Inc.

"The delivery of the material made everyone excited, the feedback made everyone comfortable and at the same time challenged, and the team's overall personalities made the whole day fun! The class gives everyone the opportunity to learn new strategies, practice them in a safe space, and go home feeling like they grew their relationships with each other."